SANITOR is used in many public places. This cold plasma air sanitizer is designed to destroy microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, molds, viruses, and volatile organic compounds, thus helping to protect the health of occupants in small to medium size public places considered at risk due to proximity between people or heavy traffic.

Recommended Installation Locations

  • HOTELSconference hall, kitchen, dining room, lobby, hallway, gym and swimming pool.
  • Airportsscreening checkpoints, boarding room and gangway, smoking area, toilets.
  • Gas stationcash counter, quick lunch counter and public restrooms.
  • Public placesgovernment buildings, museums, performance halls, community centers.
  • Fast foodkitchens, order counters, dining rooms and public restrooms.
  • Public transportationtrain stations, bus terminals, cruise ships and ferries.
  • Care clinicsgeneral medicine, dental surgery room, minor and veterinary surgeries.
  • Waiting roomsdentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, optometrists, ENT, hairdressing, and aesthetics.
  • Medicaldepots for biomedical waste, room for depositing soiled clothing and boxes of syringes.
  • Workreception station, common areas, conference room, corridors, cloakroom, cafeteria & toilets.
  • SPORTSswimming pools, changing rooms and sports halls of all kinds, gymnasium, yoga room, cross fit etc.


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